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CIIC Shanghai has a large network system consisted of official websites in Chinese, English and Japanese as well as over 30 professional websites of the branches, expressing the humanistic concept that CIIC accumulated over the years and its outstanding social image, in the background of extensive and broad Chinese culture and a modest attitude. The self-compiled magazine CIIC Vision and its e-version as well as nearly ten electronic magazines and communications focus both on the form and content, featuring unique perspectives, incisive comments and rich information, which is powerful demonstration of CIIC’s strong practical experience and continuous motivation for constant innovation and development.

CIIC Vision (e-edition)

CIIC Vision (e-edition) centers on topics about career life and includes columns like special features, office life, office EQ, elite interviews, etc. The topics are chosen based on the typical issues in career life, with an in-depth study on the topics that employees might encounter throughout their career, such as changing profession, workplace restart, occupational training, starting business, followed by analysis on the current career status of employees and the potential development possibilities when they face such problems in different environments. The key features of the magazine can be summarized as “classic, profound and technical”, which aims to attract the interest and attention of well-educated readers.

CIIC Vision (Printed Edition)

CIIC Vision is a magazine about workplace, culture and fashion that specially edited and published for employees in foreign enterprises. Many seasoned Chinese and foreign media professionals were invited to give guidance on the magazine. Readers of the magazine cover more than 740,000 employees from nearly 25,000 foreign companies in Shanghai. Led by the latest trend as its direction, featured by integration of rich resources and information as well as unique perspectives and acute insight to lead the fashion in life and work of foreign company employees, CIIC Vision is a magazine highly popular among foreign company employees in Shanghai.

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