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Corporate culture

Mission and Vision

Develop CIIC into a global brand

-- Uphold "Leading China with intellectual power" as the mission and usher in a new era of intellectual service with Chinese characteristics.

-- Provide excellent solutions to drive growth in human capital and intellectual capital for business.

-- Focus on talents and improve employee satisfaction, their sense of value and sense of belonging in all aspects.

-- Build on CIIC global view of talents and help bring Chinese talents to the world.


Integrity Respect Fairness Professionalism

Integrity Respect Fairness Professionalism

We are in constant pursuit of excellence by surpassing ourselves. "Never be self-contended" is the momentum for the sustainable development of CIIC, and a constant theme of career development for every CIIC employee.

Integrity is the cornerstone of service

We advocate honesty instead of dishonesty, and truthfulness rather than mendacity. We give priority to customers' needs and conduct business on the basis of integrity, as we believe honesty is the foundation of successful business and the trust from customers is the fundamental guarantee for our sustainable development.

Respect is the soul of service

We insist in empathy in our daily communication with customers. Meeting customer demand is the goal of our service and customer success is the criterion we use to measure the quality of our services. We believe strength is derived from differences. It is a signature culture of CIIC to respect the criticism and opinions from customers and unlock the potential and creativity of every employee.

Fairness is the principle of service

We advocate observance of rules. We protect the rights and interests of customers and consciously accept the supervision from the public. It is our belief to be self-disciplined while keeping broad-minded towards others. We compete with others in a civilized manner and uphold the concept of mutual development in face of the intense challenges in the market, from which drives the spiritual pillar of our sustainable development.

Professionalism is the essence of service

We advocate professional, expert and considerate services. We constantly improve the standards of services and strive to provide professional, standardized and international services. We pursue excellence and never stop surpassing ourselves. After years of learning knowledge and exploring new opportunities, we create a committed, forward-looking expert service team that always strives for perfection and specializes in multiple skills, which is precious assets that CIIC has in its expansion into the world.


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