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HR legal services

CIIC HR legal consulting department is a professional team composed of senior labor law experts capable of satisfying customers’ demands in regard to HR-related laws. With good command of China’s labor law and regulations, team members are well-experienced in dealing with various labor dispute cases. The services provided include various HR legal document drafting, revision and review; application for non-regular / combined working hours system; personnel file-keeping; and on-demand labor disput...


Foreign Talents Services

Founded in 2007, CIIC Foreign Talents Service Center has so far provided professional policy and law consulting, service solution design and implementation for more than 10,000 expatriate executives, special talents and locally hired foreigners in over 2000 enterprises.


Finance and Payroll

CIIC Financial Consulting Ltd is a comprehensive financial consulting company operating independently under CIIC Group. It now provides finance and payroll outsourcing services to more than 2,000 enterprises worldwide, serving over 300,000 employees, and has gained unanimous recognition and continuous trust from enterprises and employees with its professional, accurate and rigorous services.


Market access service

The main function of CIIC Market Access Service Center is to provide domestic and international enterprises with market access consulting, cross-border investment consulting, business climate survey report and other services. Over the years of successful operations, the center has achieved common growth with customer enterprises, and provided one-stop holistic solutions for operation compliance with its quality, efficient and professional business consulting and supporting services.


CIIC Shanghai Trade Union Fe...

Founded in December 28th of 2007, CIIC Shanghai Trade Union Federation is the earliest first-tier trade union with independent approval rights over the establishment of trade union in foreign-invested companies. In accordance with the Constitution of the Chinese Trade Unions, CIIC Shanghai Trade Union Federation has been actively advancing the setup of trade union in foreign-invested companies and sincerely providing quality services to its affiliated united trade unions, sub trade unions and in...

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