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A global cosmetics group company

Demands and solutions

Customer demands

BPO service and payroll calculation and distribution for approximately 4000 beauty consultants.

Services provided by CIIC

Employee insurances and housing fund contribution, payroll calculation and distribution, personal income tax declaration, employee flexible benefits.


Since 2002, CIIC has provided talent dispatch service for the customer. With professional service team, diversified service functions, holistic system support and a nationwide one-stop service network, CIIC Shanghai is able to meet the rapidly growing demands of the customer. In 2013, the state clearly defined the position of "three properties”. CIIC offered overall solutions to the customer with its rich practical experience. Since January 2016, CIIC Shanghai transferred the 4000 employees of customer company to BPO and its "zero controversy and zero risk" service quality throughout the transfer was highly recognized by the customer company .

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