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Since helping enterprises reform the labor employment relations in 2010, the government background and relationship and the strong legal team of CIIC have provided guidance and assistance for the enterprise to carry out special business such as labor disputes in labor supervision and other government departments; CIIC implements national group management to effectively lay the foundation for the social security coordinated payment of the enterprise in nearly 150 cities. The number of the employees in the enterprise has increased to nearly 10,000 from the original 4,200. Since 2010, CIIC has been helping the client company in the reform of labor relations. Thanks to good relationship with the government and a strong legal team, CIIC provided guidance and assistance to enterprises in handling labor disputes and other special cases and communicating with government departments such as labor supervision department. The group management of CIIC has laid the foundation for providing social insurance contribution services in nearly 150 cities. The staff size of the client company has grown from 4,200 employees to nearly 10,000 at present.

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