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CIIC Shanghai Trade Union Federation

Founded in December 28th of 2007, CIIC Shanghai Trade Union Federation is the earliest first-tier trade union with independent approval rights over the establishment of trade union in foreign-invested companies. In accordance with the Constitution of the Chinese Trade Unions, CIIC Shanghai Trade Union Federation has been actively advancing the setup of trade union in foreign-invested companies and sincerely providing quality services to its affiliated united trade unions, sub trade unions and independent trade unions.

Currently CIIC Shanghai Trade Union Federation has nearly 150 affiliated enterprise trade unions with tens of thousands of members from IT high-tech, medical device, financial services, industrial chemicals, FMCG and commodity industries.

Service content

Trade union setup

Provide trade union setup services across regions and provinces, as well as a series of services such as legal entity registration, seal carving, and bank account opening to the established independent trade unions;

Trade union management

Provide customers with trade union daily administration services such as staff training of relevant positions, general election assistance and trade union funds keeping;

“Employee family” activities

Enrich the leisure life of trade union members by offering them diversified activities and sports games.

Framing the constitution

Guide affiliated trade unions on constructing rules and regulations such as the Constitution, funds management system, etc;

Legal consultation

CIIC Labor Dispute Mediation Committee offers free legal consulting services to affiliated foreign-invested company unions and members;

Service advantages
  • Participate in labor disputes mediation to reduce the risks and cost of corporate management, and ensure the steady operation of the enterprise;
  • Rules and regulations approved by trade union can be used as basis for labor disputes mediation;
  • As the center that listens to employees and protect their interests, trade union can effectively adjust employees’ emotions with early intervention to ensure the psychological health of employees;
  • As a communication platform between the company and employees, trade union plays a positive role in information guidance;
  • Trade union funds, drawn by 2% from the total wages, can be listed as pre-tax expense.

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