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Market access service

The main function of CIIC Market Access Service Center is to provide domestic and international enterprises with market access consulting, cross-border investment consulting, business climate survey report and other services. Over the years of successful operations, the center has achieved common growth with customer enterprises, and provided one-stop holistic solutions for operation compliance with its quality, efficient and professional business consulting and supporting services.

Service content

Domestic market access

  • Competitor intelligence report, industry research report, local industrial park access standards
  • Enterprise registration, personnel agency, tax services and other one-stop services consulting
  • Market research reports, including senior executive reference check, local industrial park access standards and industry research report
  • Legal affairs consultation and policy interpretation

Business center

  • Commercial/residential lease
  • Conference services
  • Translation services
  • Translation: including technical documents, patents, operation manuals, product specifications, technology files,
  • purchase & sale agreement, lease agreement, etc.
  • Interpretation: Simultaneous / consecutive
  • Others: video translation, onsite interpreter, foreign language training

Cross-border investment

Consulting and landing services for investment in the destination country or area, including the United States, Britain, Hong Kong, Germany, Kazakhstan, etc.

Service advantages

Good government relationship

CIIC has cooperated with related government departments including Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, Commission of Commerce, Taxation Bureau, Free Trade Zone Management Committee and development parks for over 15 years, and accumulated wealthy government resources.

Strict vendor management system

A complete vendor evaluation system and effective complaint-handling mechanism help ensure customer service satisfaction.

Nationwide service network

CIIC Market Access Service Center has now covered 29 major cities across the country. With selected third-party vendors, we have created a national market access service network covering more than 100 cities.

Flexible quotation system

Customers can enjoy a flexible combination of services based on their demand with the optimized quotation for the customized services.

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