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Finance and Payroll

CIIC Financial Consulting Ltd is a comprehensive financial consulting company operating independently under CIIC Group. It now provides finance and payroll outsourcing services to more than 2,000 enterprises worldwide, serving over 300,000 employees, and has gained unanimous recognition and continuous trust from enterprises and employees with its professional, accurate and rigorous services.

Service content

Corporate tax services

  • Various tax registration, verification, qualification application and other specialized services during the establishment of the enterprise
  • Nationwide tax calculation and declaration
  • Income tax annual calculation and settlement
  • VAT invoice management
  • Change, transfer and cancellation of tax registration
  • Tax rebate and return of handling fee
  • Corporate tax consultation

Payroll services

  • Multi-way data collection and master data management
  • Multiple payroll accounts and cycle management
  • Multi-currency payroll and payroll reporting to the bank
  • Multi-form payslip agency and delivery
  • Standard or customized statement preparation and delivery
  • Supplementary benefit accounting
  • Employee leave application management
  • Employee reimbursement management
  • Expatriate payroll services
  • Other value-added services
  • Onsite service support
  • Multiple payroll accounts and cycle management

Book-keeping services

  • Assist in enterprise account setup
  • Daily accounting management
  • Compile statutory, domestic and international financial statements for enterprise
  • Bank account management
  • Reserve fund management
  • Enterprise seal management
  • Statutory declaration to local government authorities
  • Institution digital certificate application
  • Assist in annual audit
  • Onsite financial service as required
  • Accounting policy consultation

Individual income tax services

  • Individual income tax taxable items calculation
  • Nationwide individual income tax declaration and payment
  • Specific tax filing
  • Agency in issuing individual income tax payment receipt
  • Individual income tax annual declaration, calculation and settlement
  • Expatriate individual income tax services

Service advantages

Individual income tax services

We provide services to multiple cities in all the provinces of China as well as Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, to fully satisfy the diversified needs of payroll and finance services for wholly owned foreign enterprises, joint ventures, foreign representative offices, state-owned enterprises, private enterprises and individual client.

Rich service experience

CIIC Financial Consulting Ltd has nearly two decade of experience in providing finance and payroll outsourcing services, and has gained unanimous recognition and continuous trust from enterprises and employees with its professional, accurate and efficient services.

Reliable service quality

With adherence to secure and accurate management, we develop payroll and finance service platform and standardized system by strengthening strategy and technology innovation.

Multi-dimensional service system

Whether it be customer interactive self-service system, or internal service engine, customer relation management, whole-process operations are fully implemented with leading technology in the industry, thus achieving “intellectual outsourcing”. By applying multi-dimensional service mode, we break through the traditional concept of online and offline service product, and help customers to find the most comprehensive solutions.

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