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Foreign Talents Services

Founded in 2007, CIIC Foreign Talents Service Center has so far provided professional policy and law consulting, service solution design and implementation for more than 10,000 expatriate executives, special talents and locally hired foreigners in over 2000 enterprises.

Service content

Employment Permit Application

Handle work permit application, employment permit application and residence permit application/ extension/modification for foreign talents and personnel from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

Social insurance

Social insurance base auditing, social insurance declaring, contribution, withdrawal, account mergers, transfers and insurance claims.

Payroll and Tax (IIT)

Planning and the implementation of multi-currency payroll to domestic and overseas individual account.

Benefit Program

On top of the mainland benefit program and the basic Worldwide Health Care Program, the Worldwide Health Care Program has been enlarged to cover more regions. We offer more flexible product portfolio options and extend the same benefits to employee’s family members.

Offshore business

Offshore statutory insurance agency, offshore employment consulting, payroll and finance consulting

HR policy consultation

Provide consulting on personnel management, labor law and regulations concerning foreign talents, as well as interpretation of the latest policies and regulations issued by the local governments.

Service advantages

Convenient one-stop service

Benefiting from unique advantages of central enterprises, CIIC is headquartered in central cities with a national service network to provide one-stop quality service for foreign talents, from pre-entry certificate handling, meticulous pickup service, to benefit program and personalized relocation services, permeating in every aspect of work and life of the foreign talents living in China.

One-on-one professional team

CIIC is the only comprehensive HR services company that has an independent and professional service team for foreign talents. Team members including returned overseas talents and local professionals are dedicated to providing one-on-one quality services to foreign talents and their families in the most convenient, prompt and meticulous way.

Flexible service portfolio customization

With CIIC’s comprehensive and powerful service product system, we provide holistic customized solutions of employment permit handling and benefit programs to foreign talents, including worldwide medical insurance and family program that benefits all family members. Customers are free to choose one or more service items based on their actual needs.

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