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HR legal services

CIIC HR legal consulting department is a professional team composed of senior labor law experts capable of satisfying customers’ demands in regard to HR-related laws. With good command of China’s labor law and regulations, team members are well-experienced in dealing with various labor dispute cases. The services provided include various HR legal document drafting, revision and review; application for non-regular / combined working hours system; personnel file-keeping; and on-demand labor dispute cases.

Service content

P-file Keeping

  • Labor contract keeping -- Employee labor contract keeping and maintenance according to the personalized needs of the customers.
  • Labor contract keeping and expiration reminder -- Enter labor contract content into our professional database and provide customers with services including remote and quick query, labor contract expiration reminder through the powerful online IT system of CIIC.
  • Personnel file keeping -- Enter employee personal file content into our professional database and provide customers with services including remote and quick query, labor contract expiration reminder, personnel file download and print through the powerful online IT system of CIIC.

Legal Document services

  • Document drafting service -- Based on in-depth analysis in the actual needs of the enterprise to provide customized legal documents including labor contract, employee handbook, confidentiality agreement and service contract
  • Document revision services -- Make optimizing adjustments to customer’s existing documents by revising the part that are unlawful and unreasonable, and adding essential but missing content
  • Document review services -- Review the legality of the document with review opinions and provide written suggestions on the essential but missing content
  • Bilingual translation services -- Provide customers with accurate bilingual translation of professional legal documents into multiple languages including Chinese, Japanese and English
  • Document value-added services -- Provide customers with pre-research before compiling the document, presentation on the document and detailed guidance on how to use the document after the document is compiled

Application for Non-regular / Combined Working Hours System

  • Analyze and determine the position eligible for application based on customer’s actual situation
  • Guide and assist customers to draft application materials and prepare documents as required
  • Responsible for the delivery of materials, as well as coordination and communication with labor and social security department

Individual case services

  • Onsite labor law consulting -- Provide consulting on HR legal operation or labor relations handling, and give professional legal support in the negotiations among enterprise, employee and labor union
  • Legal opinion drafting -- Provide written legal opinion on individual case handling for enterprises
  • Labour dispute case agency -- Entrusted by the customer to handle arbitration and litigation cases of labor disputes

Service advantages

Professional personnel allocation

As the earliest provider of HR legal services in the country, CIIC HR legal consulting team composed of experts specialized in China’s labor law has provided HR legal consulting services to multinational corporations throughout the year. Having maintained a long-term good relationship with labor and social security department at all levels, the expert service team provide customers with the most feasible and effective personalized solutions.

Information security

Accredited with ISO/IEC 27001:2005 Information Security Management System, we guarantee the security in the course of keeping and using the customer files. The establishment of a super-large file management room, together with senior management team and powerful IT support system, help customers to manage and track employee personnel materials and information in a convenient and fast way.

Rich practical experience

Years of HR legal services for multinational corporations has given us a wealth of experience in labor dispute case handling as well as accurate understanding of the essence of HR work to further meet the customers’ demands in regard to labor law. We have successfully applied for mon-regular / combined working hours system for more than 100 enterprises.

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